Workforce Development

The Containerization & Intermodal (CII) Workforce Development

Summer Internship Program

The Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CII) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of international trade and transportation industry leaders. A 60-year old association, one of CII’s primary goals is to look to the future and encourage young talent to pursue careers in the industry.

In addition to its significant scholarship program, CII is proud to announce its recently developed summer internship program, which provides an opportunity for students interested in the industry to gain hands-on experience with corporations looking to mentor and groom the next generation. CII’s employer network is looking for students with fresh ideas, tenacity and a passion for the industry.

CII’s full and robust employer network includes companies from multiple aspects of the business with a focus on containerization. The companies include but are not limited to Mediterranean Shipping Company, Norton Lilly International and SeaCube Container Leasing.

Dedicated to the development of the students, these companies create comprehensive programs to ensure the interns grow as professionals, taking away key lessons that can serve as the building blocks for their future.

In addition to the programs and support offered by the employer network, CII also provides a mentor to lead and guide the intern and generally serve as a friend and confidant as the intern learns to navigate his/her way. Members of CII’s board of directors will be assigned to each intern—regular communication will help build the relationship as well as ensure the program is meeting the needs of the student and the corporation.

We welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow as a professional and build your networking community within the industry. Please visit to learn more about our organization.

Even if you do not choose to work with CII for your professional development, CII encourages all students interested in trade and transportation to continue to actively pursue a career in this business – it is an industry that rewards talented individuals with fresh ideas, tenacity and passion.

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